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Existing Buildings and Site

Main Home


The main home is the largest of the three buildings on the estate and contains 27,155 square feet of building area on two floors, plus a basement. The building is several hundered feet long and is sited along the contour of the hilltop with seasonal views of Kingston Bay. The original section of the home dates to 1900 and is a shingle-style estate home. 

In 1985, a special permit was issued allowing for the expansion and renovation of the property including an extension of approximately 10, 000 square feet containing  an elevator, 30 bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms and airconditioning, as well as a conference rooms, and a dining room. 

The original portion of the building retains much of its original period detail. The main entrance consists of a two-story entry hall with a staircase that has an ironwork balustrade and wooden handrail. The walls in the living room consist of dark-stained, floor-to-ceiling English oak paneling. The original dining room, now administrative offices, has a beamed ceiling and fireplace with decorative tiles. The original ballrooom, now a chapel, has a tile floor, beamed ceiling, fireplace, and a large colored glass window. The second floor contains seven additional bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.and conference rooms.

Community Center


The Community Center currently serves as a residence for the staff. This multi-purpose Craftsman-style structure was originally built in 1910 as a play house for the children on the upper level, with stables/garages on the lower level accessed at ground level in the rear of the building. Behind the Community Center is a separate two car garage with office space on the second floor.

The original portion of the structure is said to have concrete walls and floors, plus an attic. In the tower is a steel water tank, no longer in  use. The lower level currently contains a laundry room, systems room, and wood shop. 

The building, including a 1985 addition, contains 4,825 square feet of building arear on one floor with a total of seven bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. There is also a kitchen, sun room, and magnificent common room with cathedral ceilings and a monumental fireplace. 

Cape Cod-style Home


Know as the Ford Center,  this building was constructed in 2001 and has two floors, plus a built-out lower level, and an elevator.  The building contains 4,448 square feet of building space, consisting of meeting spaces, consultation spaces, administrative offices, a kitchen and 4 gendered bathrooms. On the upper floors are four bedrooms and bathrooms.

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