Your office will be the most successful in the city!

E and I went for a spin out in Central Mass. with Jason yesterday, as usual he was his personable self, never batting an eye as we cruised from town to town, house to house for hours on end. Our normal road trip is usually filled with laughs, wise cracks and the occasional pink bathroom, and yesterday was no different, we had bad singing, bad dancing and one of us even tripped up stairs, but it didn’t start that way. In the beginning, Jason handed me a card that said Rob & Em on the envelope, he said that you guys passed the hat at the office and wanted to help any way possible. I was taken back, you’ve already done enough, you made call about our safety, made calls to friends to find a roof to put over our heads and now this… Emily and I don’t know exactly what to say, thank you is certainly a start but doesn’t seem to cut it. You two barely know us yet you open your hearts and wallets, the Keller Williams office doesn’t know us and yet they open their hearts and wallets… It says a lot about the type of people that work at Keller Williams, if success follows quality, caring people then no doubt your office will be the most successful in the city – I know we’re hoping and praying it is.

— R&E​