Thank you, thank you – our new home is perfect.

Working with John O’Connor’s team far exceeded our expectations for the home buying process. Jason Highland was assigned to us as our agent, and from day one we felt he took the time to really understand our wants for a new home, how our budget fit within our desired geography, and how we could not only buy a home that would be perfect for now, but that would be perfect for years to come. His knowledge of home ownership and maintenance was beyond handy as we considered a number of new, and older/fixer-upper properties. Having that knowledge in our ear as we looked at homes in need of some work, or during our inspection, was an invaluable – and hard to find – asset.

Additionally, Jason has a deep market knowledge that can only come with experience. As we looked at homes in competitive areas, Jason gave us confidence in our position through his long-standing relationships with selling agents and general understanding of exactly what is needed to win a bid on a home in that area at a good price.

Perhaps what we loved most about Jason (of the many things), was his communication style. We are “always-on” technology people, and Jason responded to this with constant communication throughout the process – phone, text, email, you name it. He made sure we understood exactly what was happening every step of the way. I cannot more highly recommend Jason and John’s team. They made what can be a stressful process feel easy and fun. Thank you, thank you – our new home is perfect.

— Sarah and Audrea