A common myth is if you are thinking of selling, you should wait for the spring market. While the weather can sometimes be challenging, winter is a great time to sell your home. And if you’re John and Jason, it’s also a great time to train for a marathon. Here’s why:

1) There’s less competition!

With fewer homes for sale in the winter, buyers have scarce options and tend to make decisions faster. This means less wear and tear on the home and less disruption to families’ schedules due to decreased time on the market.

2) The buyers are serious!

Let’s face it, those who are out there looking to buy in the winter months are doing so because they are highly motivated. For example, they may be relocating, starting a new job, etc. The looky-loos, like the crocuses, come out in the spring! The same goes for buyers—sellers will be more realistic about pricing and it will be easier to negotiate down.

3) The market is less frenzied.

In the mad rush of the spring market buyers sometimes feel pressured and get in over their heads, only to back out of offers at or before the inspection, causing angst and uncertainty for all.


During the winter months John, Jason, and the whole Team have more time to dedicate to your personal service. We may even have time to take you out for a hot chocolate, if we are not out training for the marathon and raising money for our chosen charity Next Step!

We’re here to help you make the most of your winter move. What are you waiting for?


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