Despite thunder, lightning and pouring rain the Team BBQ was a smashing success! Not only did over 40 valued clients and vendors show up with their families, our caterer comped us the food and 20 guys in a halfway house got a delicious hot meal!

So our first annual Team BBQ was supposed to be on the patio of our South End office last week. But a couple of hours before, the weather alerts started rolling in for dangerous storms and flash flooding! We moved the event inside the office. An hour into the party and practically no one had arrived. The drinks delivery was 1/2 an hour late and the food arrived over an hour late. Traffic was hopelessly snarled!

Then all of a sudden 40 people arrived, the caterer showed up with the BBQ and the party began. Kids were running around and everyone was laughing and having fun. We had so much extra BBQ from Redbones that we packed it up and brought it to the Answer House, a halfway house in South Boston where one of the residents had been killed in a construction accident that very day. 20 guys were super appreciative for the food.

And then Redbones called the next morning to apologize for being so late, and to let us know that there would be no charge! Wow. You can bet we will be using Redbones again next year.

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